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Discuss the development of Internet commerce. How has the Internet changed the face of sales and marketing? What are the advantages/disadvantages of selling/buying products over the Internet?


Research the landmark experiment conducted by Stanley Milgram on "The Dilemma of Obedience." What did Milgram find? What was the significance of these findings? What did they tell us about "human nature?"

Computer Science

Research recent developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence, particularly concerning the COG project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). What is the purpose of the COG project? How does the COG project fit into the field of human-computer interaction?


Research "The Human Genome Project." This project, whose goal is to determine the molecular details of the complete set of human genes, may one day help us to discover cures for many dangerous genetic diseases. Discuss the goals of the project. What are some of the educational, medical, legal, and ethical issues related to this project?

Environmental Science

Discuss the effects of a changing climate on government policy. Your project should answer the following questions: What are the specific effects of climate changes on government policy? What can be done by governments to deal with problems caused by climate? What needs to be done by government in the future in light of a continually changing climate?

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